5 Myths about Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is done to improve upper eyelid contour and smoothen hollows, bags, and puffiness of the lower eyelid. It is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that thousands of men and women undergo each year. Before choosing to have eyelid surgery, it is important to know some myths and facts about the procedure.

Myth 1.) Eyelid surgery will remove crow’s feet.
Fact ) The appearance of crow’s feet is a result of the repeated movement and contraction of eyelid muscles near the upper cheek and eye. Whenever a person smiles or blinks or talks, the muscles contract and a skin wrinkle is formed. These lines become permanent after many years. Eyelid surgery removes fat that causes bags and tightens the skin around the eyelid. However, the muscles will continue to contract and still cause crow’s feet.
Myth 2.) Blepharoplasty will remove upper eyelid hooding that is caused by sagging of the eyebrow.
Fact) In order to restore the upper eyelid and make it look younger, an eyebrow lift must be performed.
Myth 3.) A scar will be visible on the lower eyelid following a lower eyelid surgery.
Fact) Incisions can be created on the crease so that they are no longer visible. Location and pattern of incisions as well as resulting scars will be discussed during consultation.
Myth 4.) Eyelid surgery will remove dark circles under the eyes.
Fact) Dark circles under the eye are not corrected by blepharoplasty. Circles may even worsen if too much fat is removed during blepharoplasty.
Myth 5.) Eyelid surgery is permanent.
Fact) It depends greatly on the patient and such factors as skin elasticity, weight loss and gain, and genetics. The surgery will not stop the aging process. Then again, the results can be long lasting for upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery rarely needs to be done more than once.

Although a blepharoplasty can not stop the aging process, it can do a great deal toward making you look younger, less tired, and refreshed. Contact Dr. Ringler today and learn more about eyelid surgery.

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