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Lifestyle and Hair Loss in Identical Twins

Genetics have traditionally been thought to weigh heavily in hair loss in men and women. However, a study presented at the ASPS meeting in Denver in September by Dr. Bahman Guyuron demonstrated that external factors and lifestyle choices also significantly impact hair loss, particularly in women.

The study looked at 84 sets of female identical twins. Surprisingly, the strongest determinant was not genetic, but rather the marital status of the women.  Women who were divorced or widowed exhibited more hair loss than women who were married. Those with heavy alcohol consumption also had significantly higher hair loss in the front of the head.  However, those who had a couple of alcoholic drinks a week had significantly more hair in the temporal region of the head. Additionally, heavy smokers experienced more hair loss in the temporal area of the head.

A second study evaluated 66 male identical twins.  While the male study showed a stronger genetic link for hair loss in the front of the head, smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol, heavy sun exposure and dandruff resulted in more hair loss elsewhere on the head.  Additionally, hypertension, lack of exercise, and higher levels of testosterone also had a significant impact on hair loss.

Clearly, the genetic component of hair loss in identical twins would be expected to result in similar hair growth patterns, but as this study indicates, external factors such as stress and unhealthy lifestyle seem to also play a significant role.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Ringler of the Hair Restoration Institute, located at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, has been conducting numerous clinical studies on hair loss and improving the growth and quality of your hair.  Our new product line of Hair Prescriptives® will be available exclusively in our office in early 2012.

If you would like to learn more about the causes and treatment for hair loss, link here for more information.

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Lifestyle and Hair Loss in Identical Twins

Language can be a funny thing.  We say one thing, particularly in medicine, and sometimes make the assumption that we will be fully understood or that words mean the same thing to everyone.  However, as a recent article by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) pointed out in an article about language and light-based technology, the language can be confusing or ambiguous.  What does “minimal downtime” or “some redness” really mean?  The ASAPS is attempting to standardize the terminology so consumers, physicians and manufacturers are all speaking the same language.

Since we specialize in many “minimally-invasive” and “non-invasive” procedures, perhaps it’s important to shed more light on how we use that terminology.

When we say “non-invasive” we are referring to procedures that are non-surgical.  In our office, Botox, Xeomin, Radiesse, Juvederm, Ultherapy® and CoolSculpting® fall into this arena.  In addition to being non-invasive, they offer “no downtime.”  This means that you should be able to return to your normal activities immediately following treatment. You may experience some redness with some of these procedures, or temporary bruising that may be covered with cosmetics, but basically, most patients return to their normal routine immediately.

“Minimally- invasive” procedures tend to be a bit more ambiguous since recovery times for patients can vary greatly, but typically these procedures are performed as outpatient procedures and offer less downtime than standard surgical procedures. Examples in our office include; SmartLipo Triplex (when a local anesthetic is used), MACS Facelift, which offers far less recovery time, bruising and scarring than a full SMAS facelift, Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation, which has patients returning to normal activities within 1-2 days instead of the typical one week, Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) which most of our patients recover from within 1 day and resume activities almost immediately with the help of concealing cosmetics, and our mini tummy-tuck or Avelar tummy-tuck, which does not include the use of surgical drain following the procedure and offers quicker recovery than a standard tummy tuck.

If you are interested in any of our non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, please feel free to call the office for a complimentary consultation.

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Lifestyle and Hair Loss in Identical Twins

While liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or a weight loss solution, it is a valuable tool for improving specific trouble areas of the body which have stubborn fatty deposits. Liposuction is ideal for people who are healthy, and basically in good shape, but are struggling with a specific area of their body which, for whatever reason, has been resistant to change through diet and exercise alone. Often a liposuction procedure may be done in conjunction with other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation and facial surgery.

Dr. Ringler offers various types of liposuction and body contouring options. SmartLipo Triplex, Body-Jet, and the standard tumescent liposuction technique.  CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is another body contouring option that is totally non-invasive and is performed in one hour in the office. Results will not be as dramatic as with liposuction. Based on your body and specific goals, Dr. Ringler can help determine which technique may be right for you and your body.  With all liposuction procedures, there is a limit to how much fat can safely be removed at one time. It is important when considering Liposuction to have realistic expectations. Take a look at our Liposuction Information Page to better understand what your options are. If you would like to find out more information about body contouring, contact our office to schedule your private, complimentary consultation with Dr. Ringler.

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Lifestyle and Hair Loss in Identical Twins

In addition to facial plastic surgery and breast surgery, I have a particular interest in body contouring and I try to offer patients the latest options in technology and procedures that are safe, proven and effective.  I realize that most people today want procedures that offer little or no downtime where quality and outcome aren’t compromised.

With that in mind, I am adding a liposuction technique called SAFELipo to our body contouring options.  This technique was developed by Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. from Louisiana.  Dr. Wall was disappointed by some of the results that he had been seeing with conventional liposuction, which too often resulted in waviness and lumpiness of the skin. He had also seen some bad laser liposuction results from unqualified surgeons, and he was concerned about the potential for overheating or burning the skin.

Dr. Wall refined some conventional liposuction techniques to develop a totally new and SAFE approach to liposuction which he coined, SAFELipo. The result of Dr. Wall’s efforts is a totally new, gentle, and effective way to remove excess body fat, with minimal downtime or bruising, resulting in skin that is smooth and free of lumps. SAFE is an acronym for the liposuction process which is unique and revolutionary.

Step one;  fat Separation, which is performed with a specially designed “exploded” cannula using the latest power-assisted liposuction (PAL) technology. There is no heat used in this part of the procedure so there is no chance of burning the skin.

Step two; fat Aspiration, or removal, of the separated fat can be accomplished quickly and gently, with a much smaller cannula designed to remove this “liquefied” fat without damaging the fragile blood vessels and nerves.  Again, there is no heat generated.

Step three;  Fat Equalization, is performed after all the excess fat has been removed. This important step ensures a silky smooth appearance by equalizing the remaining thin layer of fat below the skin. This final step, in concert with the first two steps, prevents a wavy, lumpy, or unnatural appearance of the skin and gives incredible liposuction results.

In my practice, I am very comfortable with the use of many types of lasers and have been very happy with the results of that technology.  However, SAFELipo is another option that I have been using with very impressive results.  Using SAFELipo in combination with SmartLipo Triplex can provide excellent results for many patients where various techniques are better suited to specific areas of the body.

If you are considering body contouring, please seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience to ensure the best result.

For more information about Laser Liposuction, SAFELipo or to schedule a consultation, please call Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler at 616.328.8800

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Lifestyle and Hair Loss in Identical Twins

In July, the FDA approved Xeomin (Z-O-MIN) as the latest botulinum toxin type A treatment to help reduce wrinkles.  Joining Botox and Dysport, Xeomin works on the same principle as both of the other products by temporarily blocking the signals from the nerves to muscles. The FDA approved Xeomin for treating the wrinkles between the eyebrows, sometimes referred to as the “11’s” and keeps those muscles from fully contracting, thereby reducing wrinkling.
The product has been used around the world since 2005 and was introduced to the United States by Merz Pharmaceuticals in 2010.  In the past, it has been used to treat adult cervical dystonia, decreasing their neck pain and abnormal head positions as well as being used for patients with abnormal eyelid spasms.

Xeomin works in basically the same way as Botox and Dysport, but there are a couple of differences.  Xeomin does not have the additives that Botox and Dysport use, and therefore may lessen a patient’s likelihood of developing antibodies to it.  If your body discovers a foreign invader, it would typically respond by creating antibodies and launching an attack.  This could prevent a neurotoxin such a botulinum toxin type A, from having its desired effect.  Xeomin does not contain any other ingredients other than the active botulinum toxin type A .  Like Botox, Xeomin takes about a week for the results to be fully realized, and once this occurs, results last between 3-6 months.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were about 2.5 million Botox and Dysport procedures in 2010 alone, so there is no doubt there is demand for these wrinkle -reducing procedures.  As with all cosmetic procedures, please seek out an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering facial injections.

For more information about Xeomin or to schedule a consultation, please call Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler at 616.328.8800

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