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As you age, your face changes. What were once youthful features begin to lose definition. A facelift can restore your youthful appearance to look like a naturally younger version of you. Grand Rapids plastic surgeon, Dr Ringler has specialized in facelift procedures for over 20 years. His experience, knowledge and artistic judgement will be customized to help you achieve your own natural, beautiful result. A facelift may help reposition sagging tissues, smooth creases, define a jawline or neck that has been hidden by sagging jowls, and smooth sagging neck skin. Nothing looks pulled, tight or operated. Rather, you look like a younger, restored beautiful version of you.

What is a facelift?

A facelift restores a more youthful facial appearance to the mid and lower face, including the neck. Facelift improves heavy facial folds, excess sagging skin and restores youthful facial contours with a result that usually offers a 10-year age improvement. There are various techniques:

  • Incisions for a full facelift begin hidden just below the side burn, often inside the ear continuing just in front of, under and behind the earlobe and just below the hairline behind the ear if more neck skin removal is required.
  • A smaller incision limited to just in front of the ear maybe used to improve the mid-face alone.
  • A small incision beneath the chin may be added to improve a double chin or a sagging neck or perform liposuction of the neck.
  • An endoscope, or special surgical instrument, is often used with more limited incisions.

Why might a facelift be recommended for me?

Looking younger and improving facial appearance may be attained through facial rejuvenating procedures such as a facelift.

Who is a candidate for a facelift?

Age does not define candidates for facial rejuvenation. Women and men of various ages choose facial rejuvenation to delay or improve visible indications of facial aging. These factors generally define good candidates for facelift procedures:

  • You can clearly define why you want the surgery .
  • You understand what a facelift can and cannot accomplish .
  • You accept the potential risks of a facelift procedure and your responsibilities as a patient.
  • You are healthy, emotionally stable and secure.
  • You accept that you will need to make healthy lifestyle choices to maintain the results achieved by a facelift procedure .
  • You have realistic expectations .

What should I know about face lift surgery?

  • Facelifts are performed on an out-patient basis .
  • Scars are a normal outcome of surgery and will be concealed within the hairline and natural contours of the face. The location and pattern of your incisions and the resulting scars will be discussed during your consultation .
  • Facelifts are performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia .
  • Recovery ranges from 1-2 weeks, although you may return to light, normal daily activity the day following your procedure .
  • Results are long-lasting but maintaining your youth is a lifestyle choice and proper skincare is essential after surgery. In addition, normal aging and gravity may affect your outcomes .
  • You will need a capable adult with you for 24 hours after your release from the hospital or recovery center .
  • All surgeries carry the potential for risks which will be fully discussed with you during your consultation .

Download details and facts about facelift (PDF) 
Download details and facts about short incision facelift (PDF)


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