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Facelifts Turn Back the Clock 9 Years

According to a recent article in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, having a facelift can make you look seven years younger than you actually are. In this study by authors Nitin Chauhan and Peter Adamson of the University of Toronto, and Jeremey Warner of the NorthShore University Health System in Evanston, Illinois, volunteer first year medical students were shown photos of 60 people who had a facelift. The students estimated the patients to be an average of 8.9 years younger than their actual age. Prior to the surgery the medical students thought them to be 1.7 years younger, yielding an age difference of 7.2 years after plastic surgery.

This is fairly consistent with patients in my practice who typically perceived that they look about 10 years younger than they did prior to their facelift. In the study cited, the patients, who were mainly women between the ages of 45-72, who had combined procedures; such as neck-lift and facelift, or eyelift and facelift, had the biggest perceived difference from their actual age.

While I am a real proponent of minimally invasive procedures for facial rejuvenation, in most cases these will not give the same degree of change that is attainable from surgical procedures. Many patients are surprised to learn that newer surgical techniques, like the MACS facelift, offer fairly quick recovery and minimal downtime. Not a bad option for turning back the clock 9-10 years.

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Facelifts Turn Back the Clock 9 Years

When women determine that they’d like to enhance their breasts through breast augmentation surgery, there are many questions. What type of breast implant do you prefer; saline implants or gel implants? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Some implants have a higher profile and can look quite different depending upon the clothing worn. The next biggest question usually pertains to implant size. The way breast implants look on a friend’s body or in before and after pictures are not necessarily the way they will look on your own unique frame and build.

While there is no replacement for the doctor-patient relationship, the new e-stitex 3D breast imaging and simulator technology gives us another tool so you may view options in 3D on your own body image. After taking before photos in our office, within a few minutes you can begin to look at your own body image through our office computer with various sizes or types of implants. In addition, you can see your “new body” in various types of clothing, with everything from a bathing suit to evening clothes.

Although not an exact replica of your own result, the 3D Imager is the closest thing we have to give you a fairly realistic idea of what type of results you might expect. The e-stetix Imager also allows you to view the images privately on your own computer, through a secure website, so that you may take time to consider and discuss options with family or friends prior to making a decision.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and are interested in 3D Breast Imaging, please call Grand Rapids plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler to schedule your personal, complimentary consultation.

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Facelifts Turn Back the Clock 9 Years

Last week the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released their statistics for plastic surgery procedures performed by board certified plastic surgeons in 2011. Despite a challenging economy, there were 13.8 million procedures performed in 2011. These numbers include both minimally invasive and surgical procedures. The numbers represent a 5 percent growth since 2010.

Surgical cosmetic procedures showed an increase of 2 percent, with 1.6 million procedures being performed. Heading the list, top surgical procedures included:


-Breast Augmentation (307,000 – up 4 percent)
Rhinoplasty (244,00, down 3 percent)
Liposuction (205,000, up 1 percent)
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) (196,000, down 6 percent)
Facelift (119,00, up 5 percent)

There has been significant growth in the facelift procedures, which have not been one of the top five procedures since 2004. This is not surprising considering the aging baby boom generation, but the non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures still show the most growth. The top five minimally invasive procedures included:

-Botulinum toxin type A , Botox, Xeomin, Dysport (5.7 million, up 5 percent)
-Soft Tissue Fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse, (1.9 million, up 7 percent)
-Laser hair removal (1.1 million, up 15 percent)
-Microdermabrasion (900,000, up 9 percent)

If you are considering plastic surgery, seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in cosmetic procedures.

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Facelifts Turn Back the Clock 9 Years

The neck and chin areas are both quick to show signs of facial aging; excess fat, jowls, and skin laxity are a few areas of concern. Many of my patients are surprised to learn that a full facelift or necklift is not always necessary to correct the problem.

Excess fat in the neck area can be helped with the use of SmartLipo Triplex laser liposuction. Using a very small cannula, in a very short, outpatient surgical procedure, the fat cells can be removed from the neck and under the chin for greatly improved contour. SmartLipo Triplex also offers the benefit of additional skin tightening, very minimal downtime for the patient with excellent results.

Our advanced techniques in Ultherapy can also help to reduce fat in the neck with the use of focused ultrasound energy. Using many more lines of energy than is typical with Ultherapy, this office procedure can help reduce fat, as well as subtly lift and tighten the skin of the neck. Many patients report that their skin just seems to “fit better” after Ultherapy treatment. This treatment is best for those without too much skin laxity in the neck, but recommended for those who have skin that is just beginning to lose some of its tone.

For patients with excessive laxity of the neck skin, the best results will still be achieved through a surgical necklift, often combined with a MACS facelift. Face and Necklift procedures today offer excellent results, minimal downtime, and turn back the clock about 10 years on the facial aging process. It is important to select a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial rejuvenation for best results.

To find out which of our Neck or Chin enhancements may be right for you, please call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ringler.

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