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Reasons for Seeking Breast Surgery

For those who are comfortable with their breasts, there can be a bit of mystery or misunderstanding as to what prompts women to seek out plastic surgery of the breast. Rarely do women seek out breast surgery because they want very large, or overly conspicuous breasts. Most women are seeking a natural appearance that results in better balance for their figure.

As is often the case in nature, there is frequently a case of too much or too little in terms of breast endowment. For many women seeking breast implants, there have been issues with being flat chested since adolescence. Often these women are petite or very thin, and they may have watched their friends develop to into curvaceous women while they remained more or less, flat chested. This can be a cause for diminished self-esteem in the teen years and many women make a decision toward breast augmentation once they are in college, in a career or married. Most often women don’t wish to be overly large, but have more balance in their figure so that clothing fits better and they are comfortable in a bathing suit or evening clothes.

Women with early breast development may seem like the lucky ones, but teenaged girls with large breasts are often self-conscious and embarrassed by overly large breasts. Unwanted attention and hiding behind baggy clothing is not unusual for these women. Often shoulder or back pain accompanies having over developed or pendulous breasts. For these women, breast reduction surgery can provide better balance for their figure, eliminate back and shoulder pain, and also eliminate some unwanted attention.

After pregnancy, often women who were once happy with their breast size, find their breasts beginning to sag and often seek out a breast augmentation or a breast-lift. This surgery can also accompany a Mommy-Makeover where a breast lift or augmentation is combined with a tummy tuck to help restore breast volume and flatten their abdomen following pregnancies.

Whatever the reason, if you are seeking more information on breast surgery, please contact Dr. Steven Ringler, about options that are available to you.


Archive for July, 2013:

Reasons for Seeking Breast Surgery

A funny YouTube video that has gone viral talks about having a “bitchy resting face”. The woman in the video consistently has people asking her if something is wrong because they think she is in a bad mood.  She isn’t.  As she says, she just has a “bitchy resting face.”  Apparently she is not alone.

Although partially genetic, there are some changes that occur to the face over time that can make you look angry or overly concerned even when you’re not.  Repeated furrowing of the brow can cause a deep wrinkle between the eyebrows.  This is something can easily be treated in about 15 minutes with Botox or Xeomin injections.  This can temporarily relax the muscle for about 3-6 months so the furrow between the brows becomes less evident.

A downturned mouth is another facial feature that can make people look angry when they’re not.  Gravity can cause the skin of the face to sag and can drag down the corners of the mouth.  Hyaluronic fillers like Juvederm or Belotero can help create lift in the corners of the mouth. For some patients, Radiesse can give very nice results in lifting the corners of the mouth and adding some volume to the face where needed.

A heavy or lowered brow can also create a look of being tired or angry. Again, gravity is typically to blame, and a surgical brow-lift, or non-surgical treatment like Ultherapy can help lift the brow through ultrasound technology, or Exilis Elite can help tone the skin by developing new collagen over time.

If others frequently ask you if you’re angry when you’re not, there are many options you may want to consider.  Otherwise, of course, you can explain to them that you simply have a “bitchy resting face.”

For more information about facial fillers, brow-lift or other facial rejuvenation procedures,  please call Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler at 616.328.8800.

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