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Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Procedures Grand Rapids, MIMany women who consider breast augmentation worry about scarring or wonder if there is a “scarless” breast augmentation. Since all surgery involves cutting the skin, scars are an inevitable by product. When it comes to breast augmentation, many women who come to my practice are interested in having no scar whatsoever on their breasts. This is something we can accomplish.

Many years ago I learned the transaxillary approach to breast augmentation whereby a very small incision is made underneath the armpit, a fairly inconspicuous spot from an aesthetic standpoint, and the implant is inserted. This area also tends to heal very quickly and often after several months is nearly invisible.

In my experience, this approach also offers less bruising, swelling, and affords the patient a chance to utilize a rapid recovery program that involves early motion and limited restrictions. There is also some evidence that because the implant never comes in direct contact with the breast glandular tissue, there is a lower rate of infection or capsular contracture. This is a fairly common complication with breast implants.

There was a time when this approach was only possible with a saline breast implants, but with the advent of the Keller funnel, it is now possible to use the “scarless” breast augmentation for all types of implants. Although many physicians claim that a scar under the breast is not a problem for most women, most of the women I speak with would much prefer not to have a scar on their breast.

If you would like to learn more about scarless breast augmentation, please contact us or call us at 616.328.8800 to set up a private consultation with Dr. Ringler.


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