3D Breast Imaging and Simulation

When women determine that they’d like to enhance their breasts through breast augmentation surgery, there are many questions. What type of breast implant do you prefer; saline implants or gel implants? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Some implants have a higher profile and can look quite different depending upon the clothing worn. The next biggest question usually pertains to implant size. The way breast implants look on a friend’s body or in before and after pictures are not necessarily the way they will look on your own unique frame and build.

While there is no replacement for the doctor-patient relationship, the new e-stitex 3D breast imaging and simulator technology gives us another tool so you may view options in 3D on your own body image. After taking before photos in our office, within a few minutes you can begin to look at your own body image through our office computer with various sizes or types of implants. In addition, you can see your “new body” in various types of clothing, with everything from a bathing suit to evening clothes.

Although not an exact replica of your own result, the 3D Imager is the closest thing we have to give you a fairly realistic idea of what type of results you might expect. The e-stetix Imager also allows you to view the images privately on your own computer, through a secure website, so that you may take time to consider and discuss options with family or friends prior to making a decision.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery and are interested in 3D Breast Imaging, please call Grand Rapids plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler to schedule your personal, complimentary consultation.

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