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Childbirth is a life changing experience for women and their bodies. The joy and wonder of a new baby is sometimes offset by feelings that your body does not look or feel as youthful as it did prior to pregnancy. That is to be expected, and is the reason some women choose to have a “mommy makeover” to help regain their pre-pregnancy figure.

Stretched or sagging abdominal skin, or breasts that have lost volume after breastfeeding are common concerns. At the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, we offer several surgical procedures that may be done in combination to help you regain your figure after pregnancy. Sometimes referred to as a “Mommy Makeover”, a post-pregnancy makeover can help you restore your figure and boost your attitude with a treatment plan tailored just for you.

Most often, a mommy makeover will consist of some type of procedure to tighten the abdominal muscle, such as tummy-tuck, or mini tummy-tuck. At other times, a bit of liposuction or even CoolSculpting may be suggested to help remove some excess fat. For other women, there is a concern about sagging breasts that may have lost some volume after breastfeeding, at which point breast augmentation or breast lift may be desired. Other women may feel their breasts are over-sized for their comfort level, and breast reduction surgery may be indicated.

A mommy-makeover is simply a coined term that refers to multiple procedures that women may choose to have completed at one time once they are through with childbearing. The treatment plan for a mommy-makeover is highly individualized and tailored specifically just for you. It is recommended that you wait for a year following your last baby before considering a mommy makeover. The hard work of childbearing is taxing on the body and it requires some time to recover fully.

For more information about a Mommy Makeover or to schedule a consultation, please call Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Ringler at 616.328.8800

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