Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

One of the biggest concerns of women in my practice undergoing breast augmentation surgery, besides safety and choosing the best size and type of implant, is whether or not they will have a scar on their breast following the procedure, and if so, how large of a scar.

For many years I have been specializing in a transaxillary approach to breast augmentation which leaves no scar on the breast. A very small incision is made beneath the arm near the armpit through which the implant is inserted, resulting in a very small, well-concealed scar. Typically, within several months following surgery, the scar is no longer visible. This “scarless” technique may be used for all types of implants, both saline and silicone gel and allows for a very nice, natural result without any scar at all on the breasts themselves. Additionally, when using the transaxillary technique, there tends to be less swelling and bruising than with some other approaches, and this allows patients to follow our “rapid recovery” protocol successfully.

Although in typical breast augmentation surgery scars are somewhat masked underneath the crease of the breast, many women in my practice prefer not to have a scar on their breasts. Depending upon the size of the implant and the woman’s anatomy, the breast scar may still be visible when the implant incision is made underneath the breast. The transxillary approach to breast augmentation takes about an hour to perform and requires an experienced plastic surgeon familiar with this technique. I have been surprised, at times, when discussing this technique with colleagues they inform me that women in their practice don’t seem to mind having the scar on their breast. I question whether or not the women have been asked or given other options.

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