Vacation Breasts (InstaBreast)

71187663_201-300x212For those who want to experience what it would be like to have fuller breasts but without committing to a breast augmentation, a new technique developed by New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe offers patients a chance to experience “vacation breasts” but only for about 24 hours with saline breast injections.

The technique basically takes about 20 minutes to perform. The injection site, at the edge of each nipple is anesthetized, and about a half liter of saline solution (salt water) is injected into each breast and, voila- instant breasts. The body then absorbs the salt water naturally within about 24 hours.

According to Dr. Rowe, who has performed many of these procedures, there is quite a demand for the 24- hour InstaBreast technique for those going on vacation, a special occasion or those who want to “try on” fuller breasts before making a commitment to a longer lasting breast augmentation procedure.   According to Dr. Rowe, many of his patients who like the result go on to have a regular breast augmentation procedure.

The downside of the InstaBreast is that that there is always a slight risk of hematoma or infection with any injections. Additionally, if this procedure were to be performed very often, the skin of the breasts could stretch, although this risk is fairly minimal with a one- time procedure.

The cost, which ranges from about $2,500 – $3,500 for 24 hours of larger breasts seems prohibitive for most patients, but perhaps not in New York. With the average cost of breast augmentation running about $6,500, and breast imaging software such as e-stetix, giving women a fairly accurate image of what their own body would like with larger breasts, it seems most women would opt for the longer term solution for breast augmentation. Time will tell if the demand for “vacation breasts” will disappear as quickly as that saline solution. At any rate, it would need to be a fairly short vacation.

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