Cellulaze®- A Cellulite Treatment that Lasts!

Cellulite is a problem that affects many women – some figures quote the number as high as 85% of women over the age of 21 being troubled with this problem. It doesn’t really discriminate as to whether a woman is thin, heavy, active or inactive. In other words, cellulite really is not your fault, it is simply the way your body is designed. Regardless, the vast majority of women do not like the dimpling or cottage cheese effect on their thighs or abdomen, particularly when they do all the right things to take care of themselves. To make matters worse, until recently there were not effective treatments for cellulite. The majority of treatments could only treat the problem temporarily by plumping up the surface of the skin. Not a very satisfactory solution. Liposuction didn’t work either.

Cellulite is really a structural problem. First, the connective tissue bands beneath your skin surrounding fat cells can become tight and inflexible. Second, enlarged pockets of fat trapped by the rigid bands push up against skin. Finally, thin skin makes the appearance of cellulite even worse.

Last year the FDA approved the first effective for cellulite called Cellulaze®. We perform Cellulaze® as an outpatient procedure. The treatment uses a special cannula that has a side-firing ability and works in three ways. Due to the size and shape of this special cannula, it is able to break up those tough septae or vertical bands. It works closer to the surface of the skin that typical liposuction so it is able to remove fat, and smooth and tighten the skin. Clinical studies have shown that it improves the thickness and elasticity of the skin. Best of all, it is a one-time, long-lasting treatment for cellulite. For some patients, Cellulaze® may be used in combination with liposuction to provide further fat removal from the area.

Dr. Steven Ringler is the only board certified plastic surgeon in Grand Rapids to offer Cellulaze®. If you are interested in learning more about cellulite reduction, please call our office for a complimentary consultation. You may also visit our Cellulaze website at www.cellulaze-gr.com 



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