Botanical Hair Restoration Treatment

Grand Rapids Botanical Hair Restoration Treatment

Prescriptions to prevent hair loss and encourage new growth come with undesirable side effects are often cumbersome to use. With over 20 years of extensive research and clinical trials, Dr. Ringler offers patients an exclusive proprietary, natural hair loss treatment safe for both men and women.

A natural blend of oils is administered at the Hair Restoration Institute, and a specialized line of hair care products to be used at home and is now available from our Hair Prescriptives website and at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.  Working synergistically, these products can both prevent hair loss and renew hair growth in instances where other treatments have failed. This revolutionary treatment program, Hair Prescriptives,™ currently  available at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery and through our website, can help you see restored growth and fullness as early as 3 months.

“I am a 47-year old male who has struggled with hair loss for most of my adult life. Dr. Ringler’s treatment has been the only treatment that has shown noticeable hair growth.”

D.T, Grand Rapids, MI

What is botanical hair restoration?

Our clinical grade botanical hair oil treatment is derived from oil extracted from a unique variety of coconuts grown in the Philippine islands. Empowered by its powerful, medium-chained triglycerides and antioxidants, this rare, botanically active extract is able to condition the scalp and invigorate the hair follicles with unique stimulating properties. The results are clinically proven to improve hair density and texture.

What is the treatment process with the botanical hair oil?

Botanical hair restoration is a 100% natural oil treatment applied to the scalp to re-grow hair for both men and women. Treatment is a process:

  • A special blend of oils are heated and massaged into the scalp for approximately 10 minutes by one of our clinically trained medical aestheticians
  • This relaxing procedure is performed on a bi-weekly basis for the first 4 treatments, followed by monthly treatments thereafter
  • The oil remains in the hair overnight and is shampooed as usual in the morning. The day after treatment the hair will appear fuller and well-conditioned
  • Over time, typically within 6-8 weeks, individuals begin to notice new growth at the hairline or areas of the scalp that contain only very fine hair

Why might botanical hair restoration be recommended for me?

Individuals with thinning hair, alopecia areata, and dry or patchy hair loss have utilized this treatment extensively over the past ten years with great success.

What should I know about botanical hair restoration?

  • This is a non-surgical procedure performed at the Hair Restoration Institute.
  • With continued use, typical results will be hair that appears thicker, fuller and often with new growth of hair evident
  • Clinical trials of our exclusive, (patent pending) botanical hair oil treatment, Hair Prescriptives,™ are in the final stages at the Hair Restoration Institute, now located at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. If you have hair that is thinning, patchy, or areas of baldness, you may wish to join one of our ongoing clinical trials.

Visit our Hair Prescriptives botanical hair restoration website for more information and to order products

Learn more about our drug-free, botanical hair restoration program (PDF)

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