Cosmetic Injections Grand Rapids

The most popular, and growing, category of cosmetic medicine are injections that diminish and smooth away wrinkles, improve defects such as folds or depressions in the skin and enhance facial features.

At the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, Dr. Ringler is an innovator in the field of cosmetic injections. Using only U.S. FDA approved injectable fillers, you can trust his expertise, extensive experience, vision and ability to achieve results to help you look naturally younger and like more youthful version of yourself. Cosmetic injections alone may provide the results you want, or injections may complement other non-surgical or surgical procedures.

Dr. Ringler has extensive experience, expertise and artistic judgement in all areas of facial rejuvenation. New techniques in the use of Botox, facial fillers (often referred to as “liquid facelift”), non-surgical options including, Ultherapy and ULTRALift, Exilis Elite and minimally invasive MACS facelifts are Dr Ringler’s specialities. Facial rejuvenation is an area in which the credentials and experience of a board certified plastic surgeon are of paramount importance for the best results.

Dr. Ringler performs Botox and facial filler injections, as does Cathy Uecker, RN, and Dawn Borrenson, MSN. Dr. Ringler or one of his highly qualified team members will discuss all of the options available to help you achieve your goals for a face that is natural, restored and refined.

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