Study Examines How Patients Choose a Plastic Surgeon

A recent study published in Annals of Plastic Surgery examines patient behavior when looking for a plastic surgeon. Doctors at the Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Institute of University of California said they wanted to “evaluate the relative importance of attributes that influence the selection and decision-making process when choosing a plastic surgeon.”

To better understand what patients care about, the authors surveyed 111 patients using profiles of 18 plastic surgeons. They measured patient responses about different aspects of each surgeon, with categories such as:

  • Location (travel distance from home to office)
  • Board Certification status
  • Method of referral
  • Office décor
  • Number of years in practice
  • Procedure cost

The most important attributes cited by patients, according to this study, were the plastic surgeon’s board certification status and the method of referral. The study was intended to help plastic surgeons connect better with prospective patients in their communities. Read the abstract or access the study through PubMed

Posted in: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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