Latisse Ingredients Evaluated as Possible Hair Loss Treatment

Allergan Inc reportedly began clinical trials of bimatoprost solution in October, testing new formulations as a potential hair loss treatment. Bimatoprost, is the growth-stimulating ingredient in the popular eyelash medication Latisse.

According to the website, the trial will evaluate “the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of a new formulation of bimatoprost following topical application in patients with alopecia.” Two different formulations will actually be tested.

Men and women age 18 to 64 with moderate male/female-pattern baldness are eligible for inclusion in the study. The clinical trial was scheduled to begin in October and be completed in February 2011.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is 0.03% bimatoprost solution, a medication that helps patients grow more prominent eyelashes. After several weeks of applying Latisse to the base of the upper eyelids, the lashes become longer, thicker and darker.

To learn more about purchasing Latisse in Grand Rapids, contact the office of plastic surgeon Steven Ringler M.D.

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