Rosacea Flare Ups Triggered By Summer Heat

A new survey by the National Rosacea Society ( says that people living with rosacea are prone to experience increased symptoms and flare-ups when exposed to the sun and other heat sources. If you’ve experienced rosacea in the past, this may be useful information as the summer temperatures rise here in Grand Rapids.

Out of 431 patients surveyed by the NRS, 80 percent said that exposure to the sun and hot weather caused their flare-ups. Excessive indoor heat, heavy exercise, bonfires, stoves, hot baths and hot beverages were also cited as triggers for rosacea flare-ups.

Fortunately, people living with rosacea can prevent flare-ups by knowing their individual triggers and guarding against them. Dr. Joseph Bikowski, clinical associate professor of dermatology at Ohio State University, recommends that patients become proactive in knowing the causes of their rosacea flare-ups.

He says you should minimize exposure to heat triggers and take proper precautions to avoid flare-ups, such as using a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen when spending time in the sun. The survey found that about 84 percent of respondents reduced the rate of their rosacea flare-ups by actively avoiding known heat triggers. A high percentage of patients also reported that taking cooler showers and minimizing time spent outdoors on hot days eased the frequency of their flare-ups.

Medical treatments and products are also available to help people control rosacea. Products from Obagi medical are popular for these purposes, with their Rosaclear line developed specifically for people experiencing Rosacea symptoms. Read more about skin care treatments and products

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